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Stand-up Comedian
"I figured out I am an Optimistic Pessimist... I'm looking forward to giving up."

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Here is just a snippet...

This is what happens when you lay a phone down on the table in Jamestown NY

How it all started

After decades in the music industry, I decided I became jaded, and lost my love for music.  And what I needed to have during my rediscovery process, was humor. I surrounded myself with my funniest friends... And started hanging out at my comedy club Jr's Last Laugh (In Erie, PA). I got to know the lingo, the wasn't too far off from my music past...

After seeing many national performers, like Pablo Franciso, Jon Reep, Tammy Pescatelli, Don Collier, Brad Williams, Ben Bailey... and hundreds more (endless list) ... I laughed. I laughed hard!  I realized...THAT energized feeling I left each night with... was the feeling that I want to give others. Music was cool...but this was a quicker, direct injection!

So after much prompting by my peers... it was finally time to hone MY skills and do it!

aaaand Voila! I do it... and shoot ahead ... After years & months of finding stage time as much as possible I feel I have arrived.  And every performance I realize something bigger than me is evolving. I realize I am a conduit for a fun universal energy. And I love it. I love getting awkward and weird... I love doing quick 5's in the comedy trenches with my peers, I love hosting and featuring my 10', 15's to 30 minutes. Building to my eventual headline. It's always a work in progress....and I love it!

I love making you laugh...because when you do... I do!  We're in this together!


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